B+E Tests: Limitations, Training Procedures and the Test



Licenses obtained before 1st January 1997 • All licensed drivers who passed the car driving test before January 1st 1997, are now required to pass a specific practical test in order to tow caravans or some trailers. • Drivers that passed the test before 1997 get to keep their existing entitlement to tow trailers. This means they get to drive a trailer combination up to 8,250kgs maximum authorized mass...


Many businesses that rely on cold calling occasionally struggle to contact those who could really benefit from the products or services that they offer. However, with some initial research and a lot of patience, a business that utilizes cold calling can weed out uninterested individuals and exclusively focus on those who would profit from their time and expertise. Although many see cold calling as a nuisance, those at the other end of the spectrum see it as an immensely helpful and positive business tactic that, when carried out properly, should be ultimately beneficial for all concerned.


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